The Process of Removing Asbestos

  The asbestos contaminated material is placed in sealed „big bags” and brought to the plant - Standard Energy - , which then is processed accordingly. The area of the plant inside the building is called „black area” which is completely sealed not enabling any contaminated particles to drift to the outside.  
The procedure is based on the fact that asbestos threads/fibers have well over 20% water. When dry heat is applied, the water is extracted and with that the asbestos typical structure with its health hazardous characteristics are destroyed. Besides using natural gas and/or other alternative fuels, our goal is to diminish the cost in energy; to be energy efficient and to make a conscious decision to be „pro-environmental“. The collected industrial heat that Standard Energy has in surplus will be sold to other plants in the vicinity.  



Asbestos waste

  1. Standard Energy has developed a simple,  inexpensive and efficient procedure for the recycling of asbestos waste.
  2. The Standard Energy method is the first technical development, which fulfills all prerequisites for asbestos  recycling.  
  3. It  assures that asbestos can be disposed of properly, according to the European Union laws.
  4. Once Standard Energy has been recognized as the sole company which disposes asbestos, as the European law has intended,  no other disposal methods can be implemented.
  5. The asbestos amounts which are still present in Europe and considering the estimated life-span of asbestos contaminated buildings (calculating around 50 years), it  amounts to about 2 million tons per year until 2040.
  6. The potential material in Europe which has to be disposed of,  will require at least 20 plants, each plant with a capacity of 100.000 tons annually.
  7. There is hardly any economical risk, the prices can be adjusted by the operating company, as long they are comparably fair and competitive with the conventional way of disposing asbestos (which has now been forbidden by law).
  8. The average Waste Management price for asbestos waste is around €200 - €300 per m/t  -  related to current energy/gas price  the Standard Energy price for recycling is €300 per m/t.
  9. The potential amount on gross income in Europe is around €350 to €400 million per year, once 10 asbestos plants are in operation.
  10. Standard Energy offers to share this potential with Investors in order to implement this method effectively.  
Synopsis - In a Nutshell  
Repeated asbestos exposure is a major health concern when a high concentration of the asbestos particles are inhaled which can cause potential fatal lung diseases, like cancer, which is also known as the „silent death” (silent adversary). Once the fiber is airborne, it can travel hundreds of kilometers and have an impact far away from the contaminated site. Asbestos fibers can’t be seen! It is estimated that thousands of people die from asbestos related  diseases, since millions have been exposed to the material at work or as well as  in the private sector. Standard Energy technology and its high developed system guarantees restoration from the asbestos contaminated material without any pollution or side effects.  To remove all estimated asbestos contaminated waste in the next thirty years we expect revenues of about €15 billion. The first plant will be in Sachsen-Anhalt, Germany, further plants will be wherever a country requests a plant to be build.  
The choice is ours ... let us seize the opportunity and be courageous enough to make the difference. Standard Energy’s CEO wants to begin with making a difference: there should be a non-asbestos contaminated environment - keep the world asbestos free.  
This also concerns you ... The biggest environmental cleaning process in our industrial time will take place with the Standard Energy concept. The estimated cost for an asbestos free Europe is approximately €20 billion.   It will reduce the risk of major health threads  for future generations. There is an ongoing avalanche of insurance, legal costs,  amounting to 200 to 275 billion US dollars in Europe and the USA. Alone western Europe will have  around 250 to 300 thousand people who may die of pancreas cancer and other related diseases. Many afflicted people are not even aware of having an asbestos related disease. The growing number of law firms in UK and France which represent thousands of law cases in civil lawsuits will cost billions. There are countless newspaper articles and public discussions which are expressing deep concern to what extend our environment is exposed to the deadly substance asbestos.