Environment meets Economy
Being economical with our resources will remain society’s top obligation, today and well into the future. This includes the goal to remove asbestos without leaving contaminated substances behind for future generations.
The process with Standard Energy is efficient, economical and safe.
Making Standard Energy a reality is a responsible undertaking and supporting the construction of the first plant is the answer for a clean environment.
   The Market Report
   Asbestos in Germany
   The applied amount of raw asbestos
  Alone  between 1950 and 1990 around 5,9 million tons of raw asbestos
    were utilized
Main product Asbestos cement Percentage of Asbestos is around 15% Entire production around 40 million tons cement asbestos
   Amounts of asbestos to be disposed of  
  Today there is still around 20 million tons of asbestos cement in     
    constructed buildings
Asbestos to be disposed of is around 500.000/600.000 tons per year until     the year  2040. 
  What should be done with these amounts of asbestos?

Situation in United States and Canada
Senator Patty Murray (Wa.) introduced the Ban Asbestos Act of 2007 at a Senate committee hearing, an attempt to ban the importation, manufacturing and distributions of any products containing asbestos in the U.S. Forty other countries have already passed laws that prohibit this lethal substance.
This of course does not solve the problem of the natural occurring asbestos. There are many places in the United States where asbestos-bearing minerals are found in natural deposits in the rocks, like California where these rocks are used in the construction business. Digging deep into the ground uproots and damages these rocks that then release the asbestos particles. Standard Energy can help to find a solution and to finally destroy this dangerous fiber effectively. The different States would have a few central plants to deliver the asbestos and to have it then eliminated.